Virtual Desktop

Can your office computers be virtualized?

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Essentially, a virtual desktop allows you to access work computers remotely. 


How does a virtual desktop work?

For the user, it’s essentially the same as any other desktop.

The operating system and personal data are stored on a network which can be located anywhere using unique log-in credentials, instead of locally on the PC itself or other computing devices. Remote desktops or laptops are standard, but what about the added convenience of browsing your work desktop with a tablet or smartphone. That’s virtual convenience!


Advantages of Having a Virtual Desktop

Why make the switch when your current system is functioning fine? Why use a virtual desktop at all?

1. Easy Access Anywhere

The ability to work remotely allows you to get projects done more conveniently, in today’s on-the-go world. Desktop virtualization offers on-demand access to your work resources anywhere, anytime, on any device. Granting you the ability to work from anywhere with Internet access solves many problems that typically require another trip back to the office!

Online meetings work seamlessly with a virtual desktop. Conducting a meeting with company members from across the globe and ensure a good connection due to all parties using the same network.

2. Increased Cybersecurity

Hackers are getting more inventive and malicious. Data breaches are a serious threat. Cybercriminals are creative in the ways they can hack into online networks, more companies are shifting to virtual desktops to help with security. With a remote desktop, user data is backed up online continuously, so corruption or loss of files is almost impossible. Using a virtual desktop requires the hacker to break into a company device and to get their hands on an employee ID and password to crack into your company’s private servers.

3. Lower IT Costs

Using a virtual desktop network saves money on hardware costs, software licensing and long-term maintenance and replacement of components. Switching to virtual desktops also allows for a more efficient infrastructure, lowering the cost-per-device and making it easier to manage your technology.



As always, we are here to help streamline all of your IT needs. If you are interested in virtual desktops and think this could be a solution for your company, give us a call today!



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