The Benefits of Privileged Access Management

benefits of privileged access management

Businesses have users who have privileged access to the company’s data and infrastructure. Privileged access isn’t only for humans, but it can also be for applications and machines. Having privileged access lets you control a business’s data, infrastructure, and assets.

Privileged access is the target of many cyber attackers out there. When they get a hold of it, attackers can steal sensitive data and cause significant damage to the company,from which it was stolen. Privileged access management (PAM) monitors who have access, what they do, and what suspicious activities there are. Here are the benefits of PAM:

Keep Track of Privileged Accounts

PAM helps you keep track of privileged account activity. With PAM, you can identify potential risks and implement measures against threats. PAM allows complete visibility to all accounts, making the administrators’ work easier, especially for large organizations. It can also keep an archive of activities to help them monitor suspicious activity and potential threats.

PAM solutions can alert administrators if there are suspicious activities. An example is a situation when a user accessed a specific data or system, and they might be potentially violating company policy. Having privileged access management helps administrators mitigate these risks quickly and maintain a high-security level.

Prevent Privileged Account Attacks

PAM lowers the risk of privileged accounts being stolen. Credentials are stored in a separate and secure repository, which will help companies isolate the use of these accounts and monitor them. PAM can also do other measures like limiting user access time and changing or removing privileges when an employee leaves the company or moves to a different role.

Malware attacks spread harmful code that can affect the whole system. PAM solutions help limit access and isolate the threat, so the attack won’t spread as much.

Automate Information Security

Manual tasks like password creation and vaulting can take a lot of time. With PAM, these tasks can be automated, increasing productivity. Your company’s IT team will spend less time correcting issues because the structured process reduces human error, and the team can work on other pressing matters.

Comply With Regulations

There are regulations in place for different industries. The law requires them to apply “least privilege access policies”. It means that companies need to restrict access rights to only the minimum number of users necessary.

Businesses are also required to maintain an audit trail of all their privileged users. This audit includes reviewing and monitoring a percentage of privileged workloads for suspicious activity. PAM solutions make it easy for companies to comply with these regulations.

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