Managed IT & Computer Services

Managed IT Services

We get asked the question a lot “What is managed services and why do we need it?” Managed Services is where we manage all of your servers, desktops, and laptops. So what does that mean? We have a piece of software that gets installed on each device.  This piece of software serves a few purposes. First, it runs diagnostics and optimizations in the background to keep your device running as smooth as possible. Second, it alerts our team if your device is having any issues. This allows us to be more proactive instead of reactive. Third, it lets us have remote capabilities so we can remotely diagnose problems and even have a screen share session so we can fix problems as you are having them, all while you watch.

So why do you need this? First, it helps streamline the process and makes us more efficient.  You will have a login to our cloud ticketing portal so you can create, review, and edit tickets. These tickets leave a digital paper trail and also help keep us accountable to make sure you are getting the highest quality of customer service.  Second, the price is per device.  So it makes it easier for you and your company to budget your IT costs. You also received a bundle of Service Hours that can be used for on site or remote service calls. Third, any hourly overages and any future hardware & software purchases are discounted.

So the real question is not why does your company need this, it is why hasn’t your company started utilizing this service!

Break/Fix IT Services

Break/Fix IT Services is our hourly service.  When you need us, we come out and bill hourly for our services when the issue is resolved.

We also offer Block Time options as well. You can prepay for a block of hours and use them as you need them. As you start getting low, we will invoice you a new block of hours so you don’t ever run out.

We strive to answer all your questions in a timely manner.