Online vs. Offline Backup System – Which One Is Better?

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When protecting your data, there are many options. One of the best ways to keep your data safe is to store them in a backup system, and you can choose between storing your files online or offline. Here are the things to consider when choosing which option is right for you:


Offline backups like USB flash drives and external hard drives are relatively inexpensive compared to online storage solutions. As your business grows and more files are produced, you will need more external storage devices. However, these drives are susceptible to physical damage and might need replacement now and then.

Online backups charge monthly or annually for storage, and their packages usually include storage security. There are affordable storage options online, and most of them give a good bang for your buck.


Physical devices let you control who has access to your data. As long as the device isn’t connected to a computer, your data is safe from cyberattacks. The risk with external hard drives is that these can get lost, damaged, or even stolen.

On the other hand, Cloud systems cannot get damaged or lost, and storage providers keep your data safe through encryption. There is still a risk for cyberattacks, but it’s lowered because of the security programs by cloud storage providers.


Although it might take more effort than online storage, offline backups can be faster. Devices with a USB 3.0 connection have a transfer speed of 5Gbps. That speed is faster than uploading files to cloud storage. However, it depends on your internet speed. Some uploads can be as fast as 100 Mbps, but that’s still significantly slower than offline transfer.

Storage Limits

With external devices, you can quickly eat up your storage, but it depends on the data size and the drive’s capacity. You might need more devices if you need to store many files. On the other hand, online storage can be limitless. Most cloud service providers give the option of expanding storage limits, but for an additional price.

Support Services

If you need to manage local device backup effectively, you might need the aid of an IT specialist. Online storage providers can give support services from anywhere, anytime. They provide businesses with different options for their cloud storage and help users know how to utilize their services.

There are pros and cons when it comes to online or offline backups. One backup system might be more convenient, and the other can save more money. If you want to know which one is the best for your business, call IT support. Reach out to Preferred Computer Services for excellent IT solutions for your company.

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