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Managed Services

What is managed services and why do we need it?

Our managed IT service and networking is where we oversee all of your servers, desktops, and laptops. So what does that mean? We have a piece of software that gets installed on each device. This piece of software gives you multiple functionalities. First, it runs diagnostics and optimizations in the background to keep your device running as smoothly as possible. Second, it alerts our team if your device is having any issues. This allows us to be more proactive instead of reactive. Third, it lets us have remote capabilities so we can remotely diagnose problems and even have a screen share session so our team can fix problems as you are having them, all while you watch.

So why do you need this? First, it helps streamline the process and makes us more efficient. You will have a login to our cloud ticketing portal so you can create, review, and edit tickets. These tickets leave a digital paper trail and also help keep us accountable to make sure you are getting the highest quality of customer service. Second, the monthly price is fixed. So it makes it easier for you and your company to budget your IT costs. Your monthly remote and onsite service tickets are included with no extra costs.

So the real question is not why your company needs managed network services, but why hasn’t your company started utilizing this service!

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Managed Services

Our Managed Services provide highly-qualified technical resources to help maximize the performance of your IT Infrastructure.

Our help-desk is staffed from 7am to 5pm Mon-Fri. During off hours, our technicians are on call for whenever our clients need us.

We use remote software to help us resolve issues from a remote location, thus enabling continuous availability. RIM ensures that onsite repairs and maintenance are required only in cases of hardware failure or if a client prefers us to be onsite.

Our RMM agent that is deployed across the client’s system is continuously monitoring their system for any issues and also works to optimize the client’s PCs to make sure they perform at the highest level.

Our Password Manager tools help keep the user safe by using 3rd party software to store and create secure passwords that are less likely to be cracked.

We are here to help your business develop advanced plans and preparations to ensure that your organization can operate its critical business functions during emergency events.

Our web filtering services can help block websites and/or categories at the system level so no matter what PC the user is on or where they are located, certain websites cannot be accessed.

In certain cases, we provide break/fix (pay as you go or block time) to our clients for specialized needs.

Managed Backup & Recovery

At PCS, we take your data seriously. That’s why we offer a very robust backup solution.

Our solution is a hybrid between onsite backups and offsite backups. Your onsite backup is a system state backup, meaning that it is a complete snapshot of your hard drive.

If your system fails, we can load your backup on to another system and get you back up and going. All backups are encrypted and comply with all HIPAA and PCI guidelines.

We pair your onsite backups with an offsite backup solution. Your onsite backups are replicated to the cloud via encrypted transmission.

So in the case of a disaster, we can get your backups overnighted and have you back up and running the next day.

A data center is a secure facility where businesses house and protect their IT infrastructure. These facilities offer redundancy and diversity for power, cooling and network. Additionally, they provide 24/7/365 onsite security and are wind rated to at least to 150mph.

Services offered in data centers are:

  • Colocation
  • Storage
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Connectivity & Edge Computing
  • Cloud Ramp 

Network Services

At PCS, we offer a full range of Hardware Network Services. This includes the sales & installation of Routers, Firewalls, Switches, and Wireless Access Points. We can set up your entire network whether you need a basic network or you need advanced routing and connectivity between offices.

We also offer Content Filtering, QoS, and SDWAN services. If you need to filter out web traffic or control your bandwidth for specific users or programs, we can handle that as well.

No matter how large your server & network environment is, we can manage it! Whether it is physical servers, VMs, onsite, or in a data center, we can take care of it for you.

We offer a wide array of cloud services and offer full support on those services.

We can help you set up user based VPNs, site to site VPNs, or whatever your business needs to make sure employees are getting back to your system securely.

We can also set up secured wireless at your office to ensure users are on the correct network and stay segmented off of networks they don’t need to be on.

Hardware / Software

We offer a full range of hardware. This includes servers, workstations, laptops, and thin clients. We can also custom build PCs to meet your specific needs.

As a Dell Premiere Partner, we can pass along large discounts to our clients when it comes time for PC refreshes. Our skilled technicians can also diagnose hardware issues, recover data, upgrade the OS, and perform warranty work on defective parts.

We are now offering HAAS (Hardware as a Service) to our clients. Instead of buying new equipment up front (PCs, Printers, & Network Hardware), we can roll the cost in to your monthly contract. This helps budget your IT costs even further, and as certain length contracts renew, we will swap out your current hardware for new hardware.

With our Lifecycle Management program, we help you or your IT team develop a plan for the whole lifecycle of your hardware. This includes planning, purchasing, deploying, maintaining, upgrading, extending, trade ins, and disposing. By having a plan, you can project hardware costs for upcoming years to stay within your budget.

Warranty Management – for certain hardware, we can manage the warranty for our clients. Our system will keep up with serial numbers, service tags, when the hardware was purchased, when the warranty is up, and create warranty renewal quotes before the warranty expires so there is no lapse in coverage.
SaaS – We have different software packages that we can offer as a service so it is bundled in to your monthly price. This helps to keep up front costs down and help your business stay on budget.

As a Microsoft Partner, we have full access to all Office 365 products, Microsoft Azure, Azure AD, etc that we can offer at a monthly price. The best part is we can manage it all for you so your licensing is always taken care of and up-to-date.

Our team is able to provide maintenance for all of your hardware and software. This includes firmware updates, software patching, and general log clean up.

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