The Importance of Cyber Awareness Training for Employees

Why is cyber awareness among employees important to a business? Read on to learn more.

Today, it’s hard to imagine how an organization can operate without the internet which provides a quick and easy means for internal and external communication. Having an online presence allows a business to interact with more and more customers.

While the internet definitely made life easier for businesses, there are still risks involved. Forms of cyberattacks, such as viruses, malware, spyware, and phishing schemes, pose serious threats to an enterprise and, ultimately, its customers.

According to a popular antivirus provider, about half of businesses admit that careless or uninformed employees are their biggest weakness in IT security. They caused a significant percentage of cyberattack incidents, second to malware.

Because of the many opportunities for human error, cybercriminals often target unsuspecting employees to breach the security of their company. While making mistakes is indeed part of the human experience, risks associated with personnel lapses can be mitigated by proper cyber awareness training.

How much end-users understand the cybersecurity threats they may face and how to combat them is what constitutes cyber awareness. Having comprehensive and continuous training about this matter is very important. Here’s why:

It Builds a Culture of Security

Many workers in organizations assume cybersecurity is the sole responsibility of their IT department. That mindset makes them feel complacent, causing them to neglect security practices.

Securing the company’s IT infrastructure should be the duty of every worker who touches a digital device. Effective awareness training will instill a culture of security among employees. They will take cybersecurity seriously and proactively practice the necessary measures.

Threats Can Be Reduced or Eliminated

As e-commerce is growing, so is the rate of cyberattack incidents. As technology develops, so do malicious hackers and programs. Therefore, it is crucial to keep employees aware of the latest threats and what to do with them. Preventing potential data breaches or system breakdowns also stops the myriad of problems that may follow.

Customer Experience Will Be Enhanced

Service downtime can be a turnoff for customers, not to mention the reports of security breaches in the company. Employees that are cyber aware can fend off attacks and seal vulnerabilities, which should maintain business continuity and protect sensitive data. Customers will always patronize a business that provides uninterrupted service and peace of mind.

It Can Keep Costs Down

While effective cyber awareness training isn’t free, the investment is definitely worth it. Consider the amount of money that can be saved if downtime and data loss are avoided. The latter, in particular, can cause a company to lose exorbitant amounts of money.

As the saying goes, “employees are a company’s best asset”, so it’s only fitting to invest in their learning and development. After all, an organization’s first line of defense against cybercrime is its people.

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