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Here is a general list of some of the questions we get asked at Preferred Computer Services.

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Managed Services is where you hire an IT company on a contractual basis to proactively monitor and service your IT equipment. This lets us be proactive instead of reactive when problems arise and gives you a monthly price so you can budget your IT costs.
Remote Backup is how we protect what is most important to your company. Your data. Our solution combines Onsite Backups with Cloud Backups to make sure that whether you delete a file or go through a natural disaster, your data is safe.
Hosted VoIP is the future of business calling. With Hosted VoIP, your phone system is cloud based instead of on premise. This drastically reduces hardware costs and, with VoIP phones, your employees can work from anywhere.
Unified Communications takes Hosted VoIP to the next level. With our UC Client, all of your communication platforms are in one online portal. From the portal you have internal company instant messaging, voice calling, video calling, conference calling, video and screen sharing meetings, and voicemail. With a headset and/or a web cam, your PC becomes your phone. Call us today for a free demo!
Usually by switching to our Hosted VoIP, we can save you enough money that within a year or so, your new phones pay for themselves. If that is not the case or you just recently purchased a phone system, we also offer SIP trunks (internet phone lines) that will integrate with your phone system and still offer huge savings.
Contracts can be a little tricky but usually we can find a work around. A lot of times, if we leave your fax line with the phone company, you won’t get hit with early termination fees. Sometimes your phone company will also allow you to raise your bandwidth to keep your contract valid. As a free service, we offer phone & internet bill reviews to make sure you are getting a good price for the services you need.

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