Cyber Risk

Do you know your Cyber Risk?

Cybersecurity is about mitigating your risk. It isn’t just about tools and services.


QUESTION: When is the last time you considered exactly what is at risk within your business?


What’s at risk:


Your MONEY—Getting hacked costs:


  • Paying the Ransom—hope you get it back and everything is good—RISKY


  • Costs to Investigate
  • Notifications
  • Crisis Management
  • Fines and Penalties


  • Downtime
  • Restoration and Damage Recovery
  • Liability Exposure
    • The data you have is in your care, custody and control, if that information is hacked, you are liable for it.  Failure to have the proper protection, detection, and recovery in place could leave you “holding the bag” and not being able to file against your cyber liability policy.
  • Consumer Confidence and Damage to Reputation
    • Years to EARN. Seconds to LOSE!

Average cost of a breach for SMBs = $2.2 MILLION


What is a hacker after?


DATA – The information you have:


  • PII – Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, SS#, DL#’s, DOB
  • PCI – CCARD numbers, Banking Information
  • PHI – Medical Record Information


Why do they do it?


It’s HIGHLY profitable, there is a HUGE market (Dark Web) and STRONG demand.


Am I really a target?


YES! In fact, most SMBs are a very EASY target—since they are simply not prepared.  You have the same info that is desired and are easier to get.  Path of least resistance.


What do you do when you are hacked?


Are you Reactive or Proactive?

  • Reactive – Stress out and pay a LARGE amount of money, learning as you go and wishing you had been more prepared.
  • Proactive – Sit back and relax!
    • How? Using PCS—you will have protection, detection, and recovery in place.  Since you are now a HARD target—most hackers will not be successful and move on to an easier target.  

If by chance they are successful because you can’t prevent everything.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that not only will we be able to restore your system in hours/days not weeks/months, but you’ll also be covered by your Cyber Liability Policy to minimize your financial exposure.




Average cost of a breach for SMBs = $2.2 MILLION


By being proactive and letting PCS manage your protection, detection, and recovery by implementing their Total Secure IT Services you can sleep sound knowing your business is in good hands. Let us stay up 24/7/365 watching over your business, so you can sleep at night. Give us a call today! (256) 513-8206


Have a question? Reach out today!  (256) 513-8206

PCS can help you with any of the above mentioned items.


When is the last time you considered exactly what is at risk within your business?  Do you know what a cybercriminal “hacker” is after and why you might be their next target? What do you do if and when hacked?  These questions and more will be answered in our upcoming blog.

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