Do you know your computer hardware needs?

Computer Hardware

What You Need to Know:

Do you know your computer hardware needs? Different businesses need different types of machines to get the job done.


Computer Hardware Needs

The physical equipment that makes up a computer system is what is known as, hardware.


Basic Components of a Computer

  • central processing unit (CPU)
  • hard drive 
  • monitor
  • keyboard

Other common business essentials include DVD drives, modems, printers and scanners.

What your business will need depends on what types of software programs you choose and the types of tasks you will be preforming. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and what to consider when selecting the right hardware for your business:


The CPU controls the speed at which the computer processes information. The processing chip and random access memory (RAM, temporarily stores information being used by programs it’s currently running) are both important in determining speed factors. 

Hard Drives

The hard drive is essentially your computer’s storage. Programs and other information your computer needs to run programs are stored on the hard drive. Typically, you need to get as large a hard drive as you can afford.


The screen you will be staring at for countless hours as you do your work. When you compare monitors, find a monitor that you can read without unnecessary eyestrain; size is a large factor here. 


As is the case with the monitor, comfort is tantamount. Ergonomics should be considered for ease of use and decreasing strain. Compare different keyboards and try them out. The same goes for the mouse you select. 


The selections are vast. Things to consider: how much printing are you going to be doing, and what type of things will you be printing. Same goes for scanners. Consider what types of things you will need to scan and how often. Maybe an all-in-one will work for your business, or you may need a dedicated printer and scanner for higher quality more frequent usage.

Additional Items to Consider
  • CD-ROM and DVD drives
  • Flash Drives
  • External hard drives
  • Modems 
  • Wireless Connections to the Internet

Today’s notebook computers are almost as powerful as desktop computers, so you may find it is this option would work for smaller businesses. Laptops can sometimes function as desktops, by adding separate screens and keyboards.


These devices perform basic functions like Internet searches and reading email. However, they do not perform all the functions of  a computer. Essentially, they are best used as an added technology rather than the primary equipment for your business.

Maximize Your Startup Budget

Here are five hardware products you need to focus on when starting your business.

  • A Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • External Hard Drive
  • Network Server Solution
  • Wireless Router
  • A Quality Printer



As always, we are here to help streamline all of your IT needs. If you need help determining upgrades for your business or are just starting out and are not sure which route to go: we can help! Give us a call today so we can answer any tech questions and help you navigate the the ins-and-outs of hardware selection that is a perfect fit for your company.



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PCS can help you with any of the above mentioned items.


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