Cybersecurity Stack — What is Yours Made Of?

Cybersecurity Stack

What’s in Your Cybersecurity Stack?

What is a cyber Stack?

A Combination of Tools and Services that will provide you with the best Protection, Detection, and Recovery available. There are many things to consider:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Endpoint Security – Detection & Response
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • SIEM
  • Vulnerability & Pen Testing
  • Threat Hunting
  • MFA
  • Data Risk Management
  • Email – Monitoring, Security, Encryption, & Archiving
  • Data Storage – Data Backup
  • Forensics Remediation & Disaster Recovery

There is no one tool solution.

One problem with almost every Cybersecurity Product Presentation/Demo is they will make their product/tool/service seem like it will do EVERYTHING. They toss around buzz words to make their product seem superior to any other product out there. In other words, they are ‘selling’ you. From the list above it is clear that there is no ONE TOOL SOLUTION.


(Come on did you sing Signs, Signs, Everywhere there’s Signs, Blocking up the scenery…… or was that just me.)

Google “cybersecurity tools” and there is 235 Million Results! So yes, there is a lot to choose from. Each with its own twist or unique proposition of why it is better than the next. 


(still singing the song…)

How do you choose?

Think Onion

You should evaluate the cybersecurity stack that is best for you by thinking about the layers of an onion. They must all complement each other, serve specific purposes, integrate with each other (when possible) and provide comprehensive protection, detection, and recovery. The more that a tool/product/service can do, the better, as long as it will work with and complement the others.

I had one client tell me they had no less than 15 tools. The problem was they knew that they were only using each tool to a maximum of 50% of its capabilities. When they found a GAP, instead of revisiting the tools they had to see if they already had the capability of filling that gap, they just added another tool. This is not the most productive, efficient, or cost effective way to do it.

So why do it that way?  Makes no sense to me!

They must also be user friendly, easy to implement/deploy, and easy to manage. As a business owner, unless your are tech savvy, this is like finding a Unicorn. Some are better than others, but very few are true plug and play. And then….

Do you have the Time?

This evaluation process takes time and although very important, doesn’t make you any money and is probably not the most productive use of your time. I do it, it is part of my job, I can tell you first hand, it is time consuming, takes mapping out a comparison chart, can get overwhelming and frustrating.  Plus watching all the demos and sales presentations – YUK!

What are your options?

  • DO Nothing
  • Keep doing what you have been doing.
  • Use a Trusted Partner, Consultant, and Advisor that will work with you that can evaluate your cybersecurity risk and focus on the mitigation of that risk.
Wait what?

You were talking Cybersecurity Tools and now you are talking RISK?


Your cybersecurity stack in its entirety will be a part of mitigating your risk, but tools alone don’t provide security. You must also have the right people and processes. We don’t SELL you tools and products. We work with you to find a comprehensive solution that will provide you the tools needed, layered properly (the best onion) combines the best people and processes, to give you the peace of mind that you are looking for. 


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When is the last time you considered exactly what is at risk within your business? Data breech, what does that mean? What do you do if and when hacked? These questions and more will be answered in our upcoming blog.

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