Dangerous Cybersecurity Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid


If you are running a business, you should not take cybercrime lightly. Reports say that cyber theft cases have risen since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

It is common for small and medium enterprises to have shortcomings in their cybersecurity. We rounded up these mistakes so you can avoid them and protect your business and customers.

Being Complacent

Many startups assume cybercriminals are interested only in big corporations. Look up news online, and it turns out to be the opposite. About half of all cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses.

Hackers and crackers know that many small businesses do not take IT security seriously — making them easy targets. These malicious individuals/groups often use small enterprises to get through larger organizations.

Forgetting the Basics

Even with technological advancements, people and organizations still practice poor IT security measures. Here are classic examples of those bad habits:

  • Using weak passwords
  • Skipping software updates
  • Connecting to public Wi-Fi for official tasks
  • Using illegal apps/software

Often, it is these seemingly harmless things that make a system vulnerable. This is why we also stress the importance of cybersecurity awareness in a company.

Neglecting Security Awareness and Training in the Company

Many believe that cybersecurity is purely about combating external threats. This is not the case, as many organizational data breaches happen because of mistakes that employees unknowingly commit. Examples of such errors are sharing data with unintended recipients and falling for phishing scams.

Properly educating all of your staff about IT security can minimize vulnerabilities from within. We should constantly update them about the latest threats. With the rise of remote work setups, cybersecurity awareness should be among your company’s priorities.

Not Backing Up Data

Having ample data backup is crucial. Unfortunately, this is something that many businesses still neglect. In the event of data loss caused by a system failure or breach, not having a backup of critical data could mean disaster or, worse, the demise of an enterprise.

The importance of having a backup and recovery system cannot be overstated. It protects essential and confidential data against malicious software, human errors, hardware damage, and uncontrollable factors like natural disasters.

Relying on Antivirus Alone

Having comprehensive antivirus doesn’t make your company totally secure. Yes, it can protect you from known viruses and malware, but to protect critical data from cybercrime, you need a multi-layered security approach. This is where cybersecurity services providers come in.

IT solutions providers offer their expertise and tools to other businesses to safeguard data, networks, and other digital assets. They can build sophisticated security infrastructure and keep you one step ahead of evolving threats — things that antivirus alone cannot do.

If you need an effective defense against cybercrime, contact Preferred Computer Services in Huntsville, AL. We are a Total Secure IT solutions company dedicated to protecting and supporting businesses.

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